Tengwar Cursive TrueType Font v1.00

Please note that this font is incomplete and I now consider it obsolete. If you are looking for a font with the One Ring inscription style, see Johan Winge's Tengwar Annatar.

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Download the font and documentation (in RTF format) as a zipped file (contact information in the documentation has been updated 5 Nov 2005, otherwise the contents are the same as before)

Macintosh users: Elwin Loomis has kindly converted the font into Macintosh format. I am just a dumb Windows user, so in case you have any questions about the converted version, please write to e l w i n @ v i s h . n u . Download Mac version

This font uses the same character mapping as Dan Smith's Tengwar Fonts (mirror): Tengwar Quenya, Tengwar Sindarin and Tengwar Noldor. This way it will be possible to use the utilities created for these fonts with Tengwar Cursive as well. I am assuming you have a relatively new version of Dan Smith's help file, which contains detailed information about using his fonts and about writing with the Tengwar in general. My documentation only has some very basic information. If you don't have the file, just follow the link above.

How to use this font

For those new to Dan Smith's encoding, I have written a tutorial called Writing With Elvish Fonts. Briefly put, "just typing" (also known as the Mode of Boloneyland) will not give meaningful results.